Ontario Blossoming

Gabriel & Aida saw two of our most popular wedding invitations, our Ontario and Blossom styles, and asked, "why choose?". Why not Ontariossom? Or Blosstario? 

With our help, they combined the modern typefaces and sleek black / white / silver color scheme of our Ontario style with the classic floral motif from our Blossom design.

Foiled & Monogrammed

We love type-only designs. This one's got a simple monogram in Italic Garamond along with text in Neutra Light and Sloop Script.

We used a custom paper -- two sheets of Dark Gray 350g Colorplan duplexed to create a nice, thick 700g stock. The card was printed with silver foil, finished with silver edge paint, and paired with a pearl white cotton envelope.

Custom Monogram in Santa Fe

Ah, the blind-pressed monogram. Hard to go wrong when you use a lightly tinted white ink with a deep impression on thick cotton paper.

We carried the variations of the monogram through to each piece — an accommodations card with a tear-off reply card, a menu, table numbers with a blind chevron pattern and inkjet numbers, and programs with silver ink on navy cotton paper.

Most letterpress inks are transparent, so we can't print light ink on dark paper. But silver is an exception — it's about 75% opaque. Not quite as opaque as foil, but not as pricey either.

Photos by Sarah Arneson

PDX Sports Fan Letterpress Coasters

Looking for the perfect gift for your beverage-sipping Portland sports fan friend? Well shoot, these aren't for sale. But if they were, they'd be perfect... if not a little pricey.


We printed the Timbers side with two inks on 300g Fluorescent White Lettra. On the opposite side, we printed a modified Trail Blazers logo with silver and red inks on ridiculously thick 4-ply rich black museum board. Then we duplexed the two sheets by hand and die cut them to 4 inch 80pt thick circles.

Silver is one of the few letterpress inks that's opaque; most non-metallics are transparent. So we printed the full Blazer logo in silver to create a light-colored base, then printed red ink on top of the silver for half of the logo. If we'd just printed red on black, the color would be completely lost.

A New Year's Swirl of Silver and Gold

Katie and Seth were getting married on the eve of New Year's Eve, in Portland, Maine. They wanted a simple, elegant look — and getting married so close to holidays, they knew they wanted invitations that looked wintery without looking Christmas-y. They found the Whirl design and knew it would work well with their wedding colors of ivory, gold and silver. Katie was pleased with how, in her words, "Travis took the brief information I gave him about our 'vision' and turned that into our wedding invitations."

They used black text with gold artwork and gold typographic accents on the main invitations and the RSVP card. The wedding party was similarly attired in black tuxedos and floor-length metallic gowns. The set was printed on soft white Somerset paper and paired with oversized Arturo envelopes.

The corresponding invitation for the rehearsal dinner was done in all black. It was simple and a bit more more casual — with a graphic nod to the nautical setting — but the look was tied to the overall design by the type layout and paper stock. Rounding out the long holiday weekend of celebration, another card invited guests to a New Year's Eve party. That piece featured swirls and typographic accents printed in silver.

Katie's mother, who lives in Oklahoma, found Parklife Press through a Google search. Katie and Seth were happy she did; they live in Durham and were happy to support a local business. Katie's reaction when she first saw their invitations: "When I picked them up and saw them, I literally was obsessed with them. They could not have been more perfect!"

Photos by Sarah McCarty Arneson