A Wedding Between Two Ferns

Last month we featured Luke and Robyn's Mount Hood wedding invitation set. Sticking with the Oregon theme, this time we head south for Julia and Detlev's wedding on the Umpqua River.

Both the wedding ceremony invitation and the rehearsal dinner invite feature fern imagery – somewhat abstractly on the main invite and more realistically and delicately for the rehearsal.

Autumn Paisley

Jennie and Mark found the perfect necktie for him to wear at their autumn wedding β€” the pattern was a stylized paisley in orange and brown, with some lilac. That purchase turned into the inspiration for their wedding invitation. They loved letterpress, and after searching a bit for a good, independent printer, they found Parklife Press.

A friend designed the card for them, using the motif of the modern paisley swirl at top and bottom. They were excited about a single-page invitation, which gave guests contact information to RSVP and directed them to their wedding website for details.

invite_JennieHIGHGROVE_0233 web.jpg
Photos by Sarah McCarty Arneson