Roses in Rockville Centre

This was a set based on the Franklin design. Printed on 600g Pearl White stock in Marine and Periwinkle inks, the design has striking text printed over a delicate, floral background. The invitation, along with a reception card, RSVP card and envelope, were held together within the outer envelope by a monogrammed belly band in the lighter blue accent color.

The design is of the invitation is traditional, but the off-center artwork bleeding off the bottom edge and the generous white space on the right gives it an unexpected modern feel.

An informational card, giving details the reception, echoes the design of the invitation. Ad graceful dingbat, flanked by to thin rules, divides the reception and accomodations information.

The corresponding response cardand printed return envelope set β€” text only, without accent art or color β€” is simple and traditional.

The details of this set are lovely: the fine lines of the floral art; the couple's monogram on the pale blue belly band; the simple, classic wording of the response card; the dingbats and flourishes of the typography. The fresh, bright palette of blues is perfect for a summer wedding on Long Island.

Photos by Sarah McCarty Arneson

(Bar) Harbor-side Wedding

In her words, Adrien and her mother "always had a 'thing' for wedding invitations." When envisioning the big day, invitations were job one β€” and an important job, at that. According to Adrien: "We believe they fully set the tone for the wedding, long before the actual day arrives. They create all the anticipation for the guests in the days leading up to the party. We were willing to spend the money on custom letterpress invitations because we believe in the art of creating invitations in such an old fashioned way."

The feel for their wedding was old-fashioned, ocean-side, farmhouse. For her own invitations, she said she knew she wanted the feel to evoke a style of "simple, yet classy" and "formality, without pretentiousness." They started with the Sand Dollar design.

Adrien and David got married at her family's home where she grew up. It was within walking distance to the ocean, and the ceremony was held seaside. The artwork ended up being a simple choice, for in Adrien's words, "We have always been on the water, in the water, around the water.  Dave proposed in a rowboat, and we thought a dory on our invites would be a great icon for that, as well as where we were getting married." She sketched a few ideas and Travis took it from there. 

Having few letterpress options in Maine, Adrien found Parklife Press online. And the oceanside wedding was exactly as personal and distinctive as they had hoped, said Adrien. "We had a wonderful day, it was perfect."

Photos by Sarah McCarty Arneson